Choosing the right size bike for the rider is important. The best thing we can recomend is talk to members of the club for their opinion. If you can, try out different bike sizes on the track to see what feels comfortable.

The following is an indictive rider height to bike size guide;

  • Micro Mini (18"-20" Wheels) - Best suited for children aged 5 or under who are shorter than 120cm. 
  • Mini (20" Wheels) - Children 115cm to 135cm tall
  • Junior (20" Wheels) - Riders 130cm to 145cm tall
  • Expert (20" Wheels) - Riders 140cm to 160cm tall
  • Pro (20" Wheels) - Riders 155cm to 175cm tall
  • Pro XL, XXL, XXXL (20" Wheels) - For taller riders, or those who prefer a longer frame
  • Cruiser (24" Wheels) - Generally for adults, but also available in Junior, Expert, Pro and larger sizes. 


Accidents can happen, so riders need to wear the following safety gear when riding at our facility:

  • Full-face helmet
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Long-sleeved top
  • Long pants
  • Enclosed shoes
  • Elbow, knee, and body armor (recommended)

We have a limited supply of full-face helmets, gloves, and safety pads available during training and club nights.

Decided you are keen to keep racing? There's a great secondhand market for bikes, racing gear and pretty much anything else you'll. Have a chat to any member at a club night for tips on what tyou'll need and where to get it!


BMX race plates are used to identify rider types and classes. Here are the key details:

  • Regulations: Number size must be at least 75mm high x 10mm wide, and plates must display a club prefix of at least 25mm high. Numbers 1-50 are reserved for National rankings, which can be used for one year following the event where the ranking was awarded.
  • Usage: You can only use your ranking on your plate if the event is of the same level or lower (e.g., South Island Title ranking cannot be used at Nationals).
  • Requirements: All riders must have the correct plate attached for National race meetings and Club race nights.

Plate Colors:

  • Participation Riders:
    • Striders: White plate with blue numbers
    • Sprockets: White plate with red numbers
  • Challenge Riders:
    • Male 20": Yellow plate with black numbers
    • Female 20": Blue plate with white numbers
    • Cruisers: Red plate with white numbers
  • Championship Riders:
    • Junior Elite: Black plate with white numbers
    • Under 23 Elite: Grey plate with white numbers
    • Elite: White plate with black numbers

NHBMX Challenge class riders can order compliant plates through the club. Initial membership for Strider and Sprocket riders includes their race plate, with numbers preset by BMXNZ to be used until the rider upgrades to the next licence.