Intro Skills Training


Update for 2021: There is no Intro Skills Training offering for the first half of 2021.  The track will be closed from March 15 in order for a major track refabrication to be carried out.  Watch this space for further announcements.

IST will commence on Thursday November 5th 2020 and the term will run weekly through to December 17th 2020 (7x Thursday sessions).  We offer a 4pm & 5pm session.  Each session runs for an hour.

IST continues on from our previous Group Coaching offering and adds in these features:

  • IST is open to the public.  There is no requirement to have to first join the Club or to have to take up BMXNZ sport racing.
  • IST is an opportunity to try out the BMX style of riding before making costly equipment and Club membership commitments.
  • Club members are also welcome to participate in IST and so newbies may well get to ride alongside seasoned amateurs!
  • We are offering a limited number of ‘Term Pass 7x Session’ entries (cost reduces with each passing week, see the 'click here' link below), and, ‘Single Session’ entries ($15 per rider per session).

  • IST has been designed by and will be lead out on the track by Michael Bias - NZ’s National Elite champion.  Co-leading with Mike is Rico Bearman - NZ’s National Junior Elite & BMX Cruiser Class World champion.
  • IST is for Riders of any capability who wish to learn or practice the fundamental and important skills of BMX riding.
  • IST is a ‘group’ format of coaching, not individual coaching.
  • The track is divided into 3x Level Zones.  Riders will be divided into 3 groups and groups will rotate around the 3x Level Zones over the session (15 minutes in each zone).
  • Level 1 caters for the absolute beginner with Level 2 & 3 catering for 'the novice'.
  • A (beginner) Rider is welcome to remain in the Level 1 Zone for the entire session.
  • The Level 1 Zone utilises our new pop-up BMX track located in our (closed off) car park.  Level 2 & 3 Zones are located on the BMX track and includes utilising the 5m ramp & gate.
  • The qualification for participating in IST is that you can at least already ride a bike!  As the style of riding is BMX no mountain bikes will be permitted on the track.
  • You are welcome to bring your own (and familiar) bike!  But pegs and stands must first be removed before arriving at the track.
  • Bike & Helmet rental is available.  Book your Bike & Helmet combo via our booking and payment system by clicking on the 'Click here'  link below.

  • The Level 1 Zone attire is at Parents/Riders discretion.  Consider what you might wear for riding at the local scooter park, mountain bike park or even around on the roads and footpaths and then wear that!
  • Level 2 & 3 Zones are located on the BMX track and Riders’ attire must include full face helmet and clothing that fully covers up including gloves and closed toe shoes.  The Coaches will permit entry to the BMX track for attire-compliant Riders only.

This information above, plus the additional information provided via our booking system, is the Terms & Conditions that you accept upon making a booking and payment.  Click on this link below to be taken to our booking and payment system:

Click here

Below are those additional Terms & Conditions:

The offering is provided by Volunteers of the Club and the Club is a not-for-profit entity.  IST is an opportunity to introduce Riders to the Club and the style of riding that is BMX, and, is a fundraiser for the Club.  Your payment made at the time of booking the activity is an unconditional donation to the Club.

The Volunteers are not employees nor are they being paid.  The donation is not refundable.

A support person (Parent, friend or guardian) for a Rider must be onsite the entire time in order to take personal responsibility for the Rider in the case of injury.  To be clear, the activity does not include ‘child minding’ - do not do a ‘drop ’n go’.

​​​​​​​The session will start on time unless unforeseen circumstance causes delay.

Cancellation owing to weather.  In the event of stormy rains and winds the Coaches will make a call on cancelation by 245PM on the day and this will be announced via email and posted onto the NHBMX Facebook page.  November and December is still wintery weather - there are no refunds offered owing to weather cancellation.

  • For Term Pass holders: A single ‘Rain Day’ will be provided and the date for that has been set as Wednesday 16th December.
  • For Single Session Entry holders you will be issued a voucher that can be applied towards:

1/  A future session within this term (please contact to rebook a future date), or;

2/  A Single Session entry to IST in Term 1 of 2021, or;

3/  As a credit towards Club membership should you later choose to join the Club.