Listed here are some typical BMX terms that you are likely to encounter.

Moto:  A single race of up to eight riders to qualify for a Quarter Final, Semi Final or Final.

Meet:  A competitive opportunity organised to bring riders of a similar competitive ability together.

NQM:  A National Qualifying Meet necessary to compete at the National Championships.

National Championships: A National competition held once a year at Easter open to riders who have raced at least four BMX NZ NQM race meets and hold a sprocket or open BMX NZ licence.

Pits:  An area near the start ramp, where riders collect ready for call up at the start of each race round.

Kiwi Sprocket Rocket: A Junior rider aged 7 years and under. UCI:  Union Cycliste Internationale, French for International Cycling Union 

UCI Age Classification:  Age that rider turns that year. For example, if a rider turns 10 during the year then his/her

UCI Age Classification is 10.


Sprocket Age on Day Classification:  Sprocket riders participate in BMX NZ race meets classified according to their age on the day of the race meet