BMX Memership for BMX NZ and North Harbour BMX covers the 12 months from 1st January to 31st December. Unfortunately this does not align with the race season but aligns worldwide. 

What do I get with my North Harbour BMX Membership?

  • With your membership you will be added to the NHBMX Riders FB group and get access to the codes for both the driveway gate and the gate to enter the track.
  • Club night racing on a Tuesday Night
  • Access to both new rider training and club trainings (there is an additional cost for these).

Welcomed into a great club, with plenty of help and advice to help you get into the sport.

  • The option to purchase NHBMX apparel and race shirts.

2024 MEMBERSHIPS ARE LIVE - click on the link below

Please follow the link to the sign up form above. If you are registering for a BMX NZ Licence for the first time could you please send a copy of the applicant’s passport or birth certificate to


A Strider Licence is for all riders of non-pedal bikes. This licence is valid for the full term of the strider, while they are on strider bikes. They will need to upgrade to a Sprocket Licence when they either turn 5yrs old OR move onto a pedal bike. A Strider Licence allows you to attend club nights at North Harbour BMX Club as well as other BMX clubs throughout New Zealand that host an event with a Strider class.


A Kiwi Sprocket licence is for children seven and under (as at 31st December of the year of Membership). There is no scoring or placing and all riders receive the same awards/trophies.

The year the rider turns eight they need to register as a Regional or Challenge Rider.


A Regional licence allows you to attend club nights at North Harbour BMX Club. Regional license holders are also allowed to enter category 9 & 10 race meetings within the Auckland region. Upgrading from a Regional to a Challenge licence can be done at any time. 


A Challenge licence allows you to attend club nights at North Harbour BMX Club as well as club nights and weekend race meetings at BMX clubs throughout New Zealand.


For Elite and Junior Elite riders.