Club Nights

Club nights are held on Tuesday evenings from October through to April. Registration is 5:30pm to 6:00pm at the points hut at the track, racing starts at approximately 6:30pm.

Riders are graded into ages and abilities and will race four motos. Riders should be able to ride the track but don’t worry if the start gate and ramp is overwhelming to a young rider – on club nights a rider is permitted to start further down the ramp until they are comfortable with the start.

8 Meter Gate

NHBMX operates a 5 Metre and an 8 Metre UCI Registered Start Gate/Ramp.The 8 metre start ramp is only open experienced BMX Riders who hold a current BMX licence and are approved by North Harbour BMX with a completed waiver.  Please refer to the ‘8 metre gate waiver’ tab on our website. 

All riders must complete the waiver to ride the 8 metre Gate. No Waiver, No Ride. Once your waiver has been received, each rider will receive a numbered tag (from the points hut) to adhere to their bike to show they meet compliance.The Ramp is available to Championship Junior and Championship Elite Licenced Riders.Riders outside of Championship Licences must apply and receive approval by NHBMX before use. 

Full protective gear must be worn. All riders or groups must have one non riding support person / guardian


You’ll need a bike to start with. Kickstands, chain guards, pegs and reflector brackets will need to be removed and the handlebar grips must cover the handlebar ends. A full face helmet is required with gloves, shoes, long sleeve shirt and trousers. Elbow and knee pads are a good idea too, and don’t forget your drink bottle. Bikes, helmets and gloves can be hired from the club but there are limited numbers in some sizes and demand can be high on popular days – first in first served. If you require any advice on purchasing bikes or equipment please see one of the committee members. BMX NZ does not permit cameras fitted to the rider or helmet, however they may be used during practice if fitted to the rider’s bike or number plate. There are to be no modifications or additions to rider helmets that in the view of the Chief Commissarie could pose a danger to the rider or other riders. Any fixing for the use of cameras is to be fully removed when the equipment is not in use.

Number Plates

Plates are required when competing in BMX NZ race meets and at the club racing. Sprocket riders are issued a white number plate from BMX NZ when first registering. Older boys must have a yellow plate with black with black numbers and older girls must have a blue plate with white numbers. The number must be between 51 and 999 and include the letters NH.  Plates can be ordered from BMX Mum  Click here  

BMX NZ Race Meets

There are numerous BMX NZ Race Meets held throughout the country through the season. These are run similar to club nights but attract riders from many different clubs. Check out the race calendar and information available on the North Harbour BMX web site. Note that Riders must complete at least four BMX NZ NQM race meets to compete at the National Championships.


Listed here are some typical BMX terms that you are likely to encounter.

Moto:  A single race of up to eight riders to qualify for a Quarter Final, Semi Final or Final.

Meet:  A competitive opportunity organised to bring riders of a similar competitive ability together.

NQM:  A National Qualifying Meet necessary to compete at the National Championships.

National Championships: A National competition held once a year at Easter open to riders who have raced at least four BMX NZ NQM race meets and hold a sprocket or open BMX NZ licence.

Pits:  An area near the start ramp, where riders collect ready for call up at the start of each race round.

Kiwi Sprocket Rocket: A Junior rider aged 7 years and under. UCI:  Union Cycliste Internationale, French for International Cycling Union 

UCI Age Classification:  Age that rider turns that year. For example, if a rider turns 10 during the year then his/her

UCI Age Classification is 10.

Sprocket Age on Day Classification:  Sprocket riders participate in BMX NZ race meets classified according to their age on the day of the race meet